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E1090 Roc Box Magnetic Stash Box

Are your shoppers looking for the ultimate box to stash keys, valuables
or their GPS? This ultra-powerful, dual-magnet GPS device case and stash
box delivers incredible results! You will have the ultimate peace of
mind knowing this pro-grade container will be securely attached to any
magnetic surface no matter what the weather condition. A tight
weatherproof seal surrounds the perimeter of the lid and body making it
buoyant, crushproof, dustproof and smell proof.

Your GPS Tracking device or other small, valuable item will have the
highest level of protection available against corrosion or moisture
damage thanks to the sturdy and waterproof design. Use it anywhere, even
in the harshest of conditions!


The dual magnet assembly brings you the ultimate level of strength and security. The magnets have an 88-pound direct pull magnetic force rating and can hold the full weight of a propane tank! These magnets also provide the quality you need as the magnets are reinforced and will not break off!

Magnetic Stash Box

Use this professional grade protective case when you need heavy-duty storage and/or a covert transport solution for your favorite GPS Tracker. Or use it as an ultra-durable stash box for storing other small, valuable items such as money and medications. Securely hide and store your house, boat or RV keys.

The easy-to-open-latch makes these items quickly accessible. And it comes in a non-shiny, matte finish making it easy to hide!

  • Made to fit our iTrail Solo personal GPS real time Tracker
  • Use it to hide any of your valubles
  • Waterproof, crushproof, dustproof
  • Two magnets hold with 88lbs of force
  • Matte finish
  • Stash anything you need to hide
  • Perfect for hidding keys for your boat or RV
  • Internal foam cushion prevents rattling and impact
  • Great for keeping valuable hidden and protected from moisture


    • 88-Pound Direct Pull Magnetic Force Rating
    • KEEPS CONTENTS DRY – Weatherproof Seal Surrounds the Perimeter of the Lid and Body
    • Waterproof IP66 Material
    • Buoyant
    • Crushproof, Dustproof, Smell proof
    • Matt Proof finish
    • Material: ABS Plastics, suitable for long term protection and surveillance
    • Easy open latch

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    • Roc Box

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