PI-0003   1300-28 Technology Security Lock Set
2400-7918   2400 SilverCloud® Overdrive Live GPS Tracker
2700-7917   2700 SilverCloud® Tag Real-Time GPS Tracker
3000-7916   3000 SilverCloud® Sync Fleet GPS Tracking System
PI-0002   8254-09 Wheeled Computer Backpack
A1055-5804   A1055 Adapter 12 Volt Regulated
50002   Advanced Background Search – Phone
ANG2200-5846   ANG2200 Acoustic Noise Generator
AR-300-7954   AR-300 Personal Car Key Voice Recorder Personal Car Key Voice Recorder
65563   Background Check
5002   Background Search
5015   Biographical Verification
Bionic Ear-5619   BIONIC EAR Bionic Ear and Booster Set
PI-00011   Black Law Enforcement Printed Coach Jacket
PI-00019   Black Police Equipment Bag
PI-0004   Black Security Mock Turtleneck
BU-18NEO-7027   BU-18NEO 1080p Color Button Camera Set
5010TSCM   Bug Sweep
C100C-5703   C100C Book Camera Color Hardwired
C1022-7458   C1022 CMOS Color Button Camera Set 480 Lines of Resolution
C1023-7459   C1023 Low Light 1080p Button Camera
C1025-7461   C1025 Cone Lens CMOS 1080p Camera for (DVR540W & DVR541W ONLY!)
C1027-7300   C1027 Covert Button & Screw CCD Color Camera set
C1162HD-7377   C1162HD Handbag Covert Camera
C1174-7462   C1174 Neck Tie Color Camera
C11741-7416   C11741 Tie Clip Covert Camera
C11751-7319   C11751 Hat Color 700TVL Camera
C1176-7878   C1176 Earphone-Style Wired CCD Camera
C11871-7310   C11871 Tactical Headset Camera
C1230HC-5705   C1230HC Zone Shield® Cube Style Clock Radio Camera Color Hardwired
C1250C-5735   C1250C Teddy Bear Camera Color Hardwired
C1300C-5739   C1300C Wall Clock Camera Color Hardwired
C1300MC-5719   C1300MC Mantel Clock Camera Color Hardwired
C2000-5727   C2000 Plant Camera Color Hardwired
C2500C-5713   C2500C Exit Sign Camera Color Hardwired
C5500HD-7028   C5500HD HD AC Adaptor DVR
C5590-7468   C5590 NEW Dual 720P Dash Camera
PI-00015   Cold Steel Recon Tanto Knife
5001   Court Records Advanced Single Search
MicroTrackerV-0001   CovertTrack GPS MicroTracker V 4G LTE
IAT-3G-0002   CovertTrack IAT 3G
Ultratracker-HSPA-0008   CovertTrack Ultratracker HSPA
D1305-7395   D1305 Smartphone Voice Recorder
D1308-7952   D1308 Mini Digital Voice Recorder
D1377-7953   D1377 Slim Memo Pen Voice Recorder 2GB
D1408-7016   D1408 USB Flash Drive and Voice Recorder 8GB
D1430-7471   D1430 USB Flash Drive and Voice Recorder 4GB
DD1200-7350   DD1200 Hidden Camera Detector Law Enforcement Grade
DD12031-7907   DD12031 iProtect RF Wireless Signal Detector
DD1205-7363   DD1205 RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand
DD1206-7364   DD1206 Professional RF Detector Now Up To 12GHz
DD1207-7365   DD1207 RF Wireless Signal Detector and Test Device Law Enforcement Grade
DD1215-7470   DD1215 RF Micro Pointer Wireless Signal Detector & RF Test Device Wand
DD3100-7442   DD3100 RF Signal Detector & Camera Finder
DD3150-7929   DD3150 RF Signal Detector & Camera Finder
DD801-7050   DD801 Law-Grade PRO Sweep Defender Deluxe 10G
DD802-7261   DD802 LawGrade Defender Simple 10GHZ
DD804-7444   DD804 PRO-10G Cell Phone and GPS Bug Detector
DD9005-7890   DD9005 Camera Hunter Wireless Camera Detector
Det Ear-5884   Detect Ear
DP-210-7902   DP-210 Drive Proof Black Box Car Camera
DP-ADPT-7430   DP-ADPT DC Power Adapter for DP-210/DP-210WH
DR004-7361   DR004 Call Assistant SD
DR100-7894   DR100 Key Fob Style Voice Recorder
DR8000-7895   DR8000 Easy Voice Recorder
5012   Driving Record
DVR006-7355   DVR006 HD Micro DVR With Camera
DVR0071-7356   DVR0071 Mini Camera Thumb Size Camcorder
DVR105WF-7923   DVR105WF Zone Shield® Weather Station Style w/Camera
DVR1200-7928   DVR1200 Battery Operated 1080p DVR w/PIR & Built in Camera
DVR120WF-7957   DVR120WF USB Cable Wi-Fi DVR
DVR1300W-7463   DVR1300W Wi-Fi 1080p Black Box DVR w/PIR & Camera
DVR130WF-7958   DVR130WF Bluetooth Speaker WiFi DVR
DVR150WF-7956   DVR150WF Wi-Fi USB Charger Camera
DVR202-7419   DVR202 HD Key Fob Camera and DVR
DVR202W-7889   DVR202W LawMate Wi-Fi Key Chain DVR
DVR203HD-7474   DVR203HD 1080p KEY FOB DVR w/CAMERA
DVR230-7883   DVR230 Flash Drive Style Video Camcorder
DVR231-7942   DVR231 Water Bottle Style HD Camcorder
DVR236-7931   DVR236 Smart Watch Spy Camera II
DVR252-7357   DVR252 Adapter Style Line Camera
DVR253-7288   DVR253 DVR Wall Switch
DVR2541-7938   DVR2541 Wall Socket Style 1080p DVR w/Camera
DVR255WF-7460   DVR255WF AC Adaptor Style Wi-Fi DVR
DVR2561-7939   DVR2561 Digital Thermometer Style 1080p DVR w/Camera
DVR259WF-7925   DVR259WF Wi-Fi Digital Clock HD DVR w/Camera
DVR261W-7886   DVR261W Wi-Fi Coffee Cup Lid Style DVR W/ Camera
DVR262-7885   DVR262 Wireless Mouse Style DVR
DVR264WF-7900   DVR264WF iPhone Charging Dock Case Style Wi-Fi DVR
DVR265WF-7901   DVR265WF Android Charging Dock Case Style Wi-Fi DVR
DVR267-7909   DVR267 Smart Watch Style HD DVR w/Camera New for 2016
DVR268WF-7911   DVR268WF Wi-Fi USB ADAPTER STYLE HD DVR w/CAMERA Multi-National Plugs
DVR269WF-7926   DVR269WF Wi-Fi Power Bank Style HD DVR w/Camera
DVR271-7465   DVR271 Remote Control Style HD DVR w/Camera
DVR272WF-7940   DVR272WF DIY IP Wi-Fi HD DVR Kit
DVR273W-7934   DVR273W LawMate iPhone 7 Battery Case Hidden Camera
DVR274-7941   DVR274 Slim Black Box Camera
DVR276-7945   DVR276 Phone Holder Style HD DVR w/Camera
DVR277IR-7475   DVR277IR Night Vision Car Charger Style HD DVR W/Camera
DVR278WF-7476   DVR278WF Wi-Fi Portable Bluetooth Speaker Style HD DVR W/Camera
DVR279W-7946   DVR279W WiFi Stick 1080p DVR w/Camera
DVR290-7294   DVR290 Video Glasses With Built in DVR
DVR295-7477   DVR295 Eye Glasses Style HD DVR W/Camera
DVR296-7478   DVR296 Sunglasses Style HD DVR W/Camera
DVR508-7881   DVR508 Mini All-in-One DVR and Camera System
DVR520-7446   DVR520 HD Handheld DVR w/Screen & Button Camera
DVR530-7447   DVR530 Mini DVR w/Screen & Button Camera
DVR540W-7888   DVR540W Mini LawMate Wi-Fi Bundle Handheld DVR
DVR541RF-7944   DVR541RF RF Remote Control for DVR540W, DVR541W, and DVR542WF
DVR542WF-7936   DVR542WF IP Wi-Fi Handheld Mini DVR
DVR550W-7464   DVR550W Wi-Fi Body Worn HD DVR w/Camera
DVR703-7947   DVR703 Pen Style HD DVR w/Camera
DVR707-7948   DVR707 USB Stick Style HD DVR w/Camera
DVR95-7163   DVR95 Prograde Minicam Camcorder
E1050-5748   E1050 Weatherproof Magnetic Box for the GPS500 and GPS600L
E1060-7180   E1060 iTrail Magnetic Case in Black for H600 iTrail GPS Data Logger
E1090-7473   E1090 Roc Box Magnetic Stash Box
5005   Employment History Search
5006   Employment Screening
G2000-7208   G2000 Parent/Fidelity Solution Package
GPS900-3G-7913   GPS900-3G iTrail Solo Portable CDMA Tracker
GPS901-7914   GPS901 iTrail Snap OBD-ll CDMA Tracker
GPS902-7915   GPS902 iTrail Convoy Hardwired CDMA Tracker
GPS903-3G-7943   GPS903-3G iTrail Endurance CDMA Tracker with Magnetic Body
GPS931-3G-7930   GPS931-3G iTrail Solo Portable CDMA Tracker w/Magnet Case
GPS933-3G-7931   GPS933-3G iTrail Solo Portable CDMA Tracker w/Magnet Case & Battery
H6000-7066   H6000 iTrail® GPS Data Logger
5008   Insurance Claims
J1000-7074   J1000 Audio Jammer
KT100-7217   KT100 Check Mate Semen Detection Kit
PI-0007   Leather Police I.D. / Badge Holder
PI-0006   Long Sleeve Security Double-sided Raid T-shirt
PI-00010   Low Profile Law Enforcement Embroidered Insignia Cap
MP4-7073   MP4 One Touch Voice Recorder Pen 4GB
NG2000-7347   NG2000 White Noise Generator Law Enforcement Grade
NG3000-7348   NG3000 Mobile Noise Generator Law Enforcement Grade
NG4000-7349   NG4000 Cell Phone White Noise Generator Law Enforcement Grade
NG5000-7352   NG5000 Druid White Noise Generator
PI-0008   Nickel Plated Badge With Pin Back
NJE-24-7413   NJE-24 ORION 2.4 Non-Linear Junction Detector
5007   People Locator -Advanced Search (on One Individual)
PTX5-7000   PT X5 Vehicle Tracker
PV-500N-7025   PV-500N Black Box Wi-Fi DVR Button Camera Set
PV-500NEO-7026   PV-500NEO Handheld WiFi DVR Black Box
PV-500NP-7889   PV-500NP Pro DVR Button Camera Bundle
PV-EP10W-7960   PV-EP10W Headphones 1080P WiFi DVR
PV-NB10W-7959   PV-NB10W Notebook Style 1080p WIFI DVR
RD-30-7956   RD-30 LawMate Pocket RF Detector
PI-0009   S9106 Security Shirt Made of 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton
SC70004K-7450   SC70004K Xtreme Life™ Rock 4K DVR
SC70014K-7955   SC70014K Xtreme Life™ Cable Box 4K DVR
SC70024K-7451   SC70024K Xtreme Life™ Teddy Bear 4K DVR
SC70044K-7452   SC70044K Xtreme Life™ Mantel Clock 4K DVR
SC70074K-7453   SC70074K Xtreme Life™ Wall Clock 4K DVR
SC70084K-7454   SC70084K Xtreme Life™ Air Freshener 4K DVR
SC70094K-7455   SC70094K Xtreme Life™ Electrical Box 4K DVR
SC70104K-7456   SC70104K Xtreme Life™ 4K Room Freshener DVR
SC70404K-7321   SC70404K Xtreme Life™ Plant Camera 4K DVR
SC70504K-7448   SC70504K Xtreme Life™ IR Birdfeeder 4K DVR
SC7055W-7919   SC7055W Xtreme Life™ Plus Cooler Bag
SC7056W-7920   SC7056W Xtreme Life™ Plus Landscape Stone
SC7057W-7921   SC7057W Xtreme Life™ Plus Cable Box
SC7058W-7466   SC7058W Xtreme Life™ Plus Backpack
SC7059W-7467   SC7059W Xtreme Life™ Plus Bucket
SC71004K-7373   SC71004K Xtreme Life™ Indoor Smoke Detector
SC80004K-7857   SC80004K Zone Shield® Night Vision 4K Clock Radio DVR
SC82004K-7858   SC82004K Zone Shield® 4K Night Vision Oscillating Fan DVR
SC91094K-7859   SC91094K Zone Shield® 4K Air Purifier DVR
SC92094K-7860   SC92094K Zone Shield® 4K Wall Clock DVR
SC93594K-7861   SC93594K Zone Shield® 4K Mantle Clock DVR
SC93604K-7862   SC93604K Zone Shield® 4K Rectangle Clock DVR
SC94104K-7863   SC94104K Zone Shield® 4K Blu-Ray Player DVR
SC95254K-7847   SC95254K Zone Shield® Bluetooth Speaker 4K
SC95304K-7848   SC95304K Zone Shield® Outdoor Power Strip 4K
SC97094K-7864   SC97094K Zone Shield® 4K Night Vision Smoke Detector DVR (Bottom View)
SC97104K-7865   SC97104K Zone Shield® 4K Night Vision Smoke Detector DVR (Side View)
SE5000-7905   SE5000 Super Ear Personal Sound Amplifier
PI-00012   Security MA-1 Flight Jacket
SF-103P-7024   SF-103P Spy Finder Pro
SG1510WF-7843   SG1510WF SG Home HD Wi-Fi Enabled Wall Clock DVR
SG1515WF-7850   SG1515WF SG Home Wi-Fi Outdoor Power Strip
SG1520WF-7844   SG1520WF SG Home HD Wi-Fi Enabled Clock Radio DVR
SG1540WF-7845   SG1540WF SG Home HD Wi-Fi Enabled Night Vision Smoke Detector Bottom View DVR
SG1545WF-7846   SG1545WF SG Home HD Wi-Fi Enabled Night Vision Smoke Detector Side View DVR
SG1550WF-7851   SG1550WF SG Home Wi-Fi Blue Tooth Speaker
SG1555WF-7852   SG1555WF SG Home DVD Player Wi-Fi
SG1556WF-7852   SG1556WF SG Home Blu-Ray Player Wi-Fi
SG1560WF-7853   SG1560WF SG Home Wi-Fi Air Purifier
SG1564WF-7854   SG1564WF SG Home Wi-Fi Night Vision Oscillating Fan
SG1570WF-7855   SG1570WF SG Home Wi-Fi Mantel Clock
SG1575WF-7856   SG1575WF SG Home Wi-Fi Rectangle Clock
SG7000WF-7867   SG7000WF SG Home Wi-Fi Landscape Stone
SG7001WF-7868   SG7001WF SG Home Wi-Fi Cable Box
SG7002WF-7869   SG7002WF SG Home Wi-Fi Teddy Bear
SG7004WF-7870   SG7004WF SG Home Wi-Fi Mantle Clock
SG7005WF-7870   SG7005WF SG Home Wi-Fi Rectangle Clock
SG7007WF-7871   SG7007WF SG Home Wi-Fi Wall Clock
SG7008WF-7872   SG7008WF SG Home Wi-Fi Air Freshener
SG7009WF-7932   SG7009WF SG Home Wi-Fi Electric Box
SG7040WF-7873   SG7040WF SG Home Wi-Fi Plant Camera
SG7050WF-7874   SG7050WF SG Home Wi-Fi Bird Feeder
SG7100WF-7875   SG7100WF SG Home Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Side View
SG7200WF-7876   SG7200WF SG Home Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Bottom View
SGC1510WF-7000   SGC1510WF SG Home CVR Wall Clock Wi-Fi
SGC1515WF-7001   SGC1515WF SG Home CVR Outdoor Power Strip Wi-Fi
SGC1520WF-7002   SGC1520WF SG Home CVR Night Vision Clock Radio Wi-Fi
SGC1525WF-7003   SGC1525WF SG Home CVR Hard Drive Enclosure Wi-Fi
SGC1540WF-7004   SGC1540WF SG Home CVR Smoke Detector Wi-Fi
SGC1550WF-7005   SGC1550WF SG Home CVR Bluetooth Speaker Wi-Fi
SGC1556WF-7006   SGC1556WF SG Home CVR Blu-Ray Player Wi-Fi
SGC1560WF-7007   SGC1560WF SG Home CVR Air Purifier Wi-Fi
SGC1564WF-7008   SGC1564WF SG Home CVR Night Vision Oscillating Fan Wi-Fi
SGC1570WF-7009   SGC1570WF SG Home CVR Mantel Clock Wi-Fi
SGC1575WF-7010   SGC1575WF SG Home CVR Rectangle Clock Wi-Fi
SGC7000WF-7012   SGC7000WF SG Home CVR Landscape Stone Wi-Fi
SGC7001WF-7013   SGC7001WF SG Home CVR Cable Box Wi-Fi
SGC7002WF-7014   SGC7002WF SG Home CVR Teddy Bear Wi-Fi
SGC7004WF-7015   SGC7004WF SG Home CVR Mantel Clock Wi-Fi
SGC7005WF-7016   SGC7005WF SG Home CVR Rectangle Clock Wi-Fi
SGC7007WF-7017   SGC7007WF SG Home CVR Wall Clock Wi-Fi
SGC7008WF-7018   SGC7008WF SG Home CVR Air Freshener Wi-Fi
SGC7009WF-7019   SGC7009WF SG Home CVR Electric Box Wi-Fi
SGC7010WF-7020   SGC7010WF SG Home CVR Room Freshener WiFi
SGC7040WF-7021   SGC7040WF SG Home CVR Plant Camera Wi-Fi
SGC7050WF-7022   SGC7050WF SG Home CVR Bird Feeder Wi-Fi
SGC7100WF-7023   SGC7100WF SG Home CVR Smoke Detector Wi-Fi
SGC8100WF-7011   SGC8100WF SG Home CVR LED Desk Lamp Wi-Fi
SH-055-5819   SH-055 50MHZ to 3GHZ RF Signal Detector
SH-055DV-5820   SH-055DV 50MHZ to 5.8GHZ RF Signal Detector W/Analog&Digital Switch
SH1000-7949   SH1000 Wi-Fi Smart Doorbell Camera
SH1270-7950   SH1270 Wi-Fi Smart Home Kit w/PTZ Camera
SH1300-7469   SH1300 Wi-Fi Smart Home Mini PTZ Camera
PI-00014   Smith & Wesson (R) – Nickel Handcuff, Police Issue With Double Lock
PI-00017   Soft Sole Military Uniform Oxford Shoes
PI-00020   Supreme – Security Low Profile Law Enforcement
5010B   Surveillance
5400-7935   The 54 Real-Time GPS Tracker (2nd Generation)
TRX-20-5798   TRX-20 Telephone Recording Interface
VC1200-7440   VC1200 iStranger Voice Changer for Smart Phones
VPC2.0Deluxe-7897   VPC2.0 Deluxe Video Pole Camera w/Both Camera Heads Length 6 & 12 Feet
VPC2.0-7896   VPC2.0 Video Pole Camera w/One Camera Head Pole Length 6 Feet
WF1100-7879   WF1100 KJB Wi-Fi Home Monitoring System II
WF1120-7880   WF1120 KJB Wi-Fi Home Monitoring system
WF1130-7927   WF1130 KJB Wi-Fi 360 Degree Camera