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CovertTrack GPS MicroTracker V 4G LTE

Small Portable Tracker – CAT 1M 4G
Introducing the the Verizon/AT&T MicroTracker 5 LTE. The sleek design of this miniature GPS tracker features an updated GPS module that provides superior sensitivity and extremely accurate GPS tracking.

Panic button
Verizon/AT&T 4G LTE Network
Cell Tower ID Reporting
Weather Resistant Design
Tracks 5 to 7 days with 2 hours tracking per day
Internal 5V Rechargeable Battery
GPS / PWR / CEL Indicators

Transmit Protocol: TCP, UDP, SMS
Charging Voltage: 5V internal battery pack
Internal Battery: Li-Polymer 2600 mAh
Water Resistant: IPX5 Comlpiant
Dimensions: 3.06 x 1.57 x 1.05 Inches

Mapping Features:
SMS & Email Alert System
Address Reports
Stop Reports
REP Area Exclusion Zones
Counter Surveillance Zones
Warrant Tracking
Geo-Fence Alerts
No Software to Install
Secure GPS Tracking on any Computer or Mobile Device

Monthly Service Plans:

One-time activation fee is $59.95. Minimum 3 Months Prepay required.
The activation will be paid online when you activate the device with the airtime.

The following plans include 5 on-demand (cell-tower assist) locates. If required, additional on-demand locates may be purchased from inside your CovertTrack account – $10 for 20 pings


MicroTracker V is small enough that it can be placed anywhere – discreetly or indiscreetly. MicroTracker V is the perfect choice for advanced and reliable real time GPS tracking. For less than half the price of a standard cell phone plan, imagine the power and peace of mind you’ll feel when you have live GPS tracking of:

  • Your Child or Teenager
  • An Alzheimer’s Patient
  • Your Bike
  • Your Car
  • Your Hunting Dog
  • Your Pet While Traveling
  • Your Teenager’s Car
  • Your Cheating Spouse
  • Fleet Management
  • Covert Tracking
  • Your Mileage While Biking or Jogging
  • Your Kids at the Amusement Park
  • Your Teen’s Late Night Job
  • Your Employees at a Job Site
  • Children and Adults with Autism
  • Children and Adults with Down’s Syndrome

Accessory Options:
Magnetic Case

We can not accept the return of certain items for credit, including:

•Open or used products

•Special order products

•Fees for service performed or shipping

•Single use products such as pepper spray

•Custom built products such as Hidden cameras

•Activated GPS Tracking devices

•Counter-surveillance detectors

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