Spy Lock is a powerful and easy-to-use software utility that allows you to keep others from accessing your system. Spy Lock features different security levels for your machine, as well as access attempt(s) and away message logging. All logs are easily viewed with the built in log viewers. If security is an issue for you then Spy Lock is for you!

Spy Lock introduces new security administration features. Spy Lock allows you to quickly set security access rights to your Windows PC. These access rights range from start menu access, to shutdown access, to control panel access, to system shutdown access! Look below for screenshots of the expansive options screens for restricting your users’ actions!


Spy Lock Security Features:


Content Filtering:

  • Application Filtering
    SpyLock allows you to control what programs users cannot run!
  • Website Filtering
    SpyLock allows you to control what websites users can and cannot visit!
  • Chat Filtering
    SpyLock allows you to control what chat messengers users can and cannot use while SpyLock is running.


Easy to Use:

Purchase Spy Lock now and secure your computer!  By clicking the link below you can download, purchase, and use the software in minutes!