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PI-0003   1300-28 Technology Security Lock Set
2400-7918   2400 SilverCloud® Overdrive Live GPS Tracker
2700-7917   2700 SilverCloud® Tag Real-Time GPS Tracker
3000-7916   3000 SilverCloud® Sync Fleet GPS Tracking System
PI-0002   8254-09 Wheeled Computer Backpack
A1055-5804   A1055 Adapter 12 Volt Regulated
50002   Advanced Background Search - Phone
ANG2200-5846   ANG2200 Acoustic Noise Generator
5004   Asset Search
65563   Background Check
5002   Background Search
5015   Biographical Verification
PI-00011   Black Law Enforcement Printed Coach Jacket
PI-00019   Black Police Equipment Bag
PI-0004   Black Security Mock Turtleneck
C100C-5703   C100C Book Camera Color Hardwired
C1020-7300   C1020 Button & Screw wired CCD Color Camera set
C1022-7458   C1022 CMOS Color Button Camera Set 480 Lines of Resolution
C1023-7459   C1023 Low Light 1080p Button Camera
C1025-7461   C1025 Cone Lens CMOS 1080p Camera for (DVR540W & DVR541W ONLY!)
C1162-7377   C1162 Handbag Covert Camera
C1174-7462   C1174 Neck Tie Color Camera
C1175-7319   C1175 Hat Covert Camera
C1176-7878   C1176 Earphone-Style Wired CCD Camera
C11871-7310   C11871 Tactical Headset Camera
C1230HC-5705   C1230HC Zone Shield® Cube Style Clock Radio Camera Color Hardwired
C1250C-5735   C1250C Teddy Bear Camera Color Hardwired
C1300C-5739   C1300C Wall Clock Camera Color Hardwired
C1300MC-5719   C1300MC Mantel Clock Camera Color Hardwired
C2000-5727   C2000 Plant Camera Color Hardwired
C2500C-5713   C2500C Exit Sign Camera Color Hardwired
C5500-7457   C5500 Zone Shield® AC Adaptor Style DVR w/Camera
C5520-7877   C5520 Zone Shield® EZ Clock Radio
C5530-7898   C5530 Zone Shield® EZ Digital Picture Frame
C5590-7468   C5590 NEW Dual 720P Dash Camera
CC10-5789   CC10 Universal Microphone Record Adapter
PI-00015   Cold Steel Recon Tanto Knife
5001   Court Records Advanced Single Search
MicroTrackerIV-0001   CovertTrack GPS MicroTracker IV CDMA
HSPA-Edge-0008   CovertTrack HSPA Edge
IAT-3G-0002   CovertTrack IAT 3G
ToughTrack-2-0004   CovertTrack ToughTrack 2
ToughTrack-2-PRO-0005   CovertTrack ToughTrack 2 PRO
D1305-7395   D1305 Smartphone Voice Recorder
D1308-7952   D1308 Mini Digital Voice Recorder
D1377-7953   D1377 Slim Memo Pen Voice Recorder 2GB
D1408-7016   D1408 USB Flash Drive and Voice Recorder 8GB
D1430-7471   D1430 USB Flash Drive and Voice Recorder 4GB
DD1200-7350   DD1200 Hidden Camera Detector Law Enforcement Grade
DD12031-7907   DD12031 iProtect RF Wireless Signal Detector
DD1205-7363   DD1205 RF Wireless Signal Detector Wand
DD1206-7364   DD1206 Professional RF Detector Now Up To 12GHz
DD1207-7365   DD1207 RF Wireless Signal Detector and Test Device Law Enforcement Grade
DD1210-7366   DD1210 Credit Card Size Bug Detector
DD1215-7470   DD1215 RF Micro Pointer Wireless Signal Detector & RF Test Device Wand
DD2020-5648   DD2020 Range To 6 GHz Personal RF Detector
DD3100-7442   DD3100 RF Signal Detector & Camera Finder
DD3150-7929   DD3150 RF Signal Detector & Camera Finder
DD3200-7343   DD3200 Cell Phone and GPS Detector
DD801-7050   DD801 Law-Grade PRO Sweep Defender Deluxe 10G
DD802-7261   DD802 LawGrade Defender Simple 10GHZ
DD804-7444   DD804 PRO-10G Cell Phone and GPS Bug Detector
DD9005-7890   DD9005 Camera Hunter Wireless Camera Detector
Det Ear-5884   Detect Ear
DP-210-7902   DP-210 Drive Proof Black Box Car Camera
DP-ADPT-7430   DP-ADPT DC Power Adapter for DP-210/DP-210WH
DR004-7361   DR004 Call Assistant SD
DR100-7894   DR100 Key Fob Style Voice Recorder
DR8000-7895   DR8000 Easy Voice Recorder
5012   Driving Record
DVR006-7355   DVR006 HD Micro DVR With Camera
DVR0071-7356   DVR0071 Mini Camera Thumb Size Camcorder
DVR100WF-7922   DVR100WF Zone Shield® USB AC Adapter Style DVR w/Camera
DVR105WF-7923   DVR105WF Zone Shield® Weather Station Style w/Camera
DVR1100-7417   DVR1100 HD Touch Screen DVR w/320GB Hard Drive
DVR1200-7928   DVR1200 Battery Operated 1080p DVR w/PIR & Built in Camera
DVR1300W-7463   DVR1300W Wi-Fi 1080p Black Box DVR w/PIR & Camera
DVR202-7419   DVR202 HD Key Fob Camera and DVR
DVR202W-7889   DVR202W LawMate Wi-Fi Key Chain DVR
DVR202WF-7933   DVR202WF IP Wi-Fi Key Fob Style HD DVR w/Camera
DVR230-7883   DVR230 Flash Drive Style Video Camcorder
DVR231-7942   DVR231 Water Bottle Style HD Camcorder
DVR236-7931   DVR236 Smart Watch Spy Camera II
DVR252-7357   DVR252 Adapter Style Line Camera
DVR2541-7938   DVR2541 Wall Socket Style 1080p DVR w/Camera
DVR255WF-7460   DVR255WF AC Adaptor Style Wi-Fi DVR
DVR2561-7939   DVR2561 Digital Thermometer Style 1080p DVR w/Camera
DVR257-7341   DVR257 Smart Phone Hidden Camera 1080P W/DVR
DVR258-7375   DVR258 Insulated Mug DVR
DVR259WF-7925   DVR259WF Wi-Fi Digital Clock HD DVR w/Camera
DVR261-7884   DVR261 Coffee Cup Lid Style DVR
DVR262-7885   DVR262 Wireless Mouse Style DVR
DVR264WF-7900   DVR264WF iPhone Charging Dock Case Style Wi-Fi DVR
DVR265WF-7901   DVR265WF Android Charging Dock Case Style Wi-Fi DVR
DVR267-7909   DVR267 Smart Watch Style HD DVR w/Camera New for 2016
DVR268WF-7911   DVR268WF Wi-Fi USB ADAPTER STYLE HD DVR w/CAMERA Multi-National Plugs
DVR269WF-7926   DVR269WF Wi-Fi Power Bank Style HD DVR w/Camera
DVR271-7465   DVR271 Remote Control Style HD DVR w/Camera
DVR272WF-7940   DVR272WF DIY IP Wi-Fi HD DVR Kit
DVR273WF-7934   DVR273WF IP Wi-Fi iPhone 6 & 7 Case Style HD DVR w/Camera
DVR274-7941   DVR274 Slim Black Box Camera
DVR276-7945   DVR276 Phone Holder Style HD DVR w/Camera
DVR279W-7946   DVR279W WiFi Stick 1080p DVR w/Camera
DVR290-7294   DVR290 Video Glasses With Built in DVR
DVR508-7881   DVR508 Mini All-in-One DVR and Camera System
DVR517-7904   DVR517 HD Touch Screen Handheld DVR & 1080P Camera Kit
DVR520-7446   DVR520 HD Handheld DVR w/Screen & Button Camera
DVR530-7447   DVR530 Mini DVR w/Screen & Button Camera
DVR540W-7888   DVR540W Mini LawMate Wi-Fi Bundle Handheld DVR
DVR541RF-7944   DVR541RF RF Remote Control for DVR540W, DVR541W, and DVR542WF
DVR541W-7910   DVR541W Handheld Wi-Fi HD DVR Camera Kit
DVR542WF-7936   DVR542WF IP Wi-Fi Handheld Mini DVR
DVR550W-7464   DVR550W Wi-Fi Body Worn HD DVR w/Camera
DVR703-7947   DVR703 Pen Style HD DVR w/Camera
DVR95-7163   DVR95 Prograde Minicam Camcorder
E1050-5748   E1050 Weatherproof Magnetic Box for the GPS500 and GPS600L
E1060-7180   E1060 iTrail Magnetic Case in Black for H600 iTrail GPS Data Logger
E1070-7420   E1070 Exra Small Magnetic Weatherproof GPS Case
5005   Employment History Search
5006   Employment Screening
G2000-7208   G2000 Parent/Fidelity Solution Package
GPS901-7914   GPS901 iTrail Snap OBD-ll CDMA Tracker
GPS902-7915   GPS902 iTrail Convoy Hardwired CDMA Tracker
GPS903-7943   GPS903 iTrail Endurance CDMA Tracker with Magnetic Body
H6000-7066   H6000 iTrail® GPS Data Logger
H6004-7937   H6004 Magnetic Case and Extended Battery for H6000 iTrail® GPS Data Logger
HDH-4000C-7429   HDH-4000C Drive Proof LCD Touchscreen Dual HD Car Camera
HDH-ANT-7437   HDH-ANT GPS Antenna for HDH-4000C
HDH-Mount-7438   HDH-MOUNT Adhesive Mount for HDH-4000C
HDH-VID-7439   HDH-VID Video Out Cable for HDH-4000C
5008   Insurance Claims
J1000-7074   J1000 Audio Jammer
KT100-7217   KT100 Check Mate Semen Detection Kit
PI-0007   Leather Police I.D. / Badge Holder
PI-0006   Long Sleeve Security Double-sided Raid T-shirt
PI-00010   Low Profile Law Enforcement Embroidered Insignia Cap
MP4-7073   MP4 One Touch Voice Recorder Pen 4GB
NG2000-7347   NG2000 White Noise Generator Law Enforcement Grade
NG3000-7348   NG3000 Mobile Noise Generator Law Enforcement Grade
NG4000-7349   NG4000 Cell Phone White Noise Generator Law Enforcement Grade
NG5000-7352   NG5000 Druid White Noise Generator
PI-0008   Nickel Plated Badge With Pin Back
NJE-24-7413   NJE-24 ORION 2.4 Non-Linear Junction Detector
5007   People Locator -Advanced Search (on One Individual)
PTX5-7000   PT X5 Vehicle Tracker
A1038-7258   Replacement Battery for DVR500 Series
PI-0009   S9106 Security Shirt Made of 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton
SC7000HD-7450   SC7000HD Xtreme Life™ Rock 720P DVR
SC7002HD-7451   SC7002HD Xtreme Life™ Teddy Bear 720P DVR
SC7004HD-7452   SC7004HD Xtreme Life™ Mantel Clock 720P DVR
SC7007HD-7453   SC7007HD Xtreme Life™ Wall Clock 720P DVR
SC7008HD-7454   SC7008HD Xtreme Life™ Air Freshener 720P DVR
SC7009HD-7455   SC7009HD Xtreme Life™ Electrical Box 720P DVR
SC7040HD-7321   SC7040HD Xtreme Life™ Plant aCamera 720P DVR
SC7050HD-7448   SC7050HD Xtreme Life™ IR Birdfeeder 720P DVR
SC7055W-7919   SC7055W Xtreme Life™ Plus Cooler Bag
SC7056W-7920   SC7056W Xtreme Life™ Plus Landscape Stone
SC7057W-7921   SC7057W Xtreme Life™ Plus Cable Box
SC7058W-7466   SC7058W Xtreme Life™ Plus Backpack
SC7059W-7467   SC7059W Xtreme Life™ Plus Bucket
SC7100HD-7373   SC7100HD Xtreme Life™ Indoor Smoke Detector
SC8000HD-7857   SC8000HD Zone Shield® Night Vision HD Clock Radio DVR
SC8200HD-7858   SC8200HD Zone Shield® HD Night Vision Oscillating Fan DVR
SC9109HD-7859   SC9109HD Zone Shield® HD Air Purifier DVR
SC9209HD-7860   SC9209HD Zone Shield® HD Wall Clock DVR
SC9359HD-7861   SC9359HD Zone Shield® HD Mantle Clock DVR
SC9360HD-7862   SC9360HD Zone Shield® HD Rectangle Clock DVR
SC9409HD-7863   SC9409HD Zone Shield® HD DVD Player DVR
SC9525HD-7847   SC9525HD Zone Shield® Bluetooth Speaker 720P
SC9530HD-7848   SC9530HD Zone Shield® Outdoor Power Strip 720P
SC9709HD-7864   SC9709HD Zone Shield® HD Night Vision Smoke Detector DVR (Bottom View)
SC9710HD-7865   SC9710HD Zone Shield® HD Night Vision Smoke Detector DVR (Side View)
SE5000-7905   SE5000 Super Ear Personal Sound Amplifier
PI-00012   Security MA-1 Flight Jacket
SG1510WF-7843   SG1510WF SG Home HD Wi-Fi Enabled Wall Clock DVR
SG1515WF-7850   SG1515WF SG Home Wi-Fi Outdoor Power Strip
SG1520WF-7844   SG1520WF SG Home HD Wi-Fi Enabled Clock Radio DVR
SG1540WF-7845   SG1540WF SG Home HD Wi-Fi Enabled Night Vision Smoke Detector Bottom View DVR
SG1545WF-7846   SG1545WF SG Home HD Wi-Fi Enabled Night Vision Smoke Detector Side View DVR
SG1550WF-7851   SG1550WF SG Home Wi-Fi Blue Tooth Speaker
SG1555WF-7852   SG1555WF SG Home Wi-Fi DVD Player
SG1560WF-7853   SG1560WF SG Home Wi-Fi Air Purifier
SG1564WF-7854   SG1564WF SG Home Wi-Fi Night Vision Oscillating Fan
SG1570WF-7855   SG1570WF SG Home Wi-Fi Mantel Clock
SG1575WF-7856   SG1575WF SG Home Wi-Fi Rectangle Clock
SG7000WF-7867   SG7000WF SG Home Wi-Fi Landscape Stone
SG7001WF-7868   SG7001WF SG Home Wi-Fi Cable Box
SG7002WF-7869   SG7002WF SG Home Wi-Fi Teddy Bear
SG7004WF-7870   SG7004WF SG Home Wi-Fi Mantle Clock
SG7005WF-7870   SG7005WF SG Home Wi-Fi Rectangle Clock
SG7007WF-7871   SG7007WF SG Home Wi-Fi Wall Clock
SG7008WF-7872   SG7008WF SG Home Wi-Fi Air Freshener
SG7009WF-7932   SG7009WF SG Home Wi-Fi Electric Box
SG7040WF-7873   SG7040WF SG Home Wi-Fi Plant Camera
SG7050WF-7874   SG7050WF SG Home Wi-Fi Bird Feeder
SG7100WF-7875   SG7100WF SG Home Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Side View
SG7200WF-7876   SG7200WF SG Home Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Bottom View
SH-055-5819   SH-055 50MHZ to 3GHZ RF Signal Detector
SH-055DV-5820   SH-055DV 50MHZ to 5.8GHZ RF Signal Detector W/Analog&Digital Switch

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“…Thank you so very much!!!!! Just today my daughter was granted a 5 year protection order for her and her girls!!!! We are so very grateful for all your help! You have been very instrumental in our case against him!…”

Mary F Columbus, OH

“…I want to thank the agency for relieving of the distress I had by not knowing where my daughter was and how she was doing. I had not seen my daughter in over ten years and you gave me the opportunity to make contact seven days after I contacted your office. I appreciate the thorough job that was done and I thank you very much…”

J W Woodridge, IL

“…I spoke with Jay and he’s making arrangements to initiate surveillance on subject tomorrow and through the weekend if necessary. Defense counsel has advised we can submit evidence on Monday rather than Friday.
Thank you again and please relay my thanks for your quick action. I’m always impressed with your company’s service and look forward to our continued working relationship…”

TK Claims Supervisor – Liability

“…Hello, I am interested in contacting Agent S from again. He completed a search for my husband and me last November to find our missing daughter. He was successful in locating her in Lubbock, Tx and (…we have a new request). Thank you for your prompt reply, …”

MB Mission Viejo, CA