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Advice from a Private Detective
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Corporate Intelligence specialists give you needed answers before moving ahead with a partnership or mergers & acquisitions, or other transactions where hidden information would influence your decisions.

Vitally important is the health of the company where you are looking to make an investment, or the character of those individuals running that business. Before moving into a business relationship with someone a potential partner background check is recommended.

Due diligence verifies the company information. The diligence report seeks to confirm the credibility of the company and it's key executives.

Records are verified from the county, state and federal levels. These records uncover civil, criminal, and bankruptcy histories of the company and it's executives. These reports can be completed on a rush basis and done in just a few days.

Due diligence investigations will answer hidden questions that could surface when it's too late, especially in the following areas:

Mergers & Acquisitions, Commercial Real Estate deals, license agreements, partnerships, franchises, long distance relationships, pre-employment, initial public offering (IPO's)

Corporations may face potential legal problems should it proceed without due diligence, especially if it moves forward with a merger of partnership that goes bad.'s network of agents provide reliable, comprehensive and confidential investigation services. They get you with the answers you need to move ahead. To find a qualified agent in your area, search our network. Still can't find what your are looking for? Call us at 888-888-9011.

It's the next best thing to having the answer...
TALK TO A DETECTIVE NOW Free advice from a professional! Our licensed Detectives are currently standing by to discreetly answer your questions. Call us at 1-888-777-5654. Your answers are just a phone call away! Local agents dispatched with rush service!

STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Bound by the same guidelines found in Attorney - Client relationships, our clients and the nature of their requests are never divulged.

LICENSED, INSURED, BONDED Serving our clients faithfully for 25 years our experienced agents do the job better and faster. You can trust our network of X-FBI Agents, Law Enforcement Personnel and Specialists in every area of investigation. Call now and we will direct you to a specialist with the experience to guide you so you can move on.

They know where to go, who to see and how to handle your situation. They ask the right questions and get results. We understand the importance of information you need and we obtain it fast - at the most competitive rates!
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Customer Testimonials

“…Thank you so very much!!!!! Just today my daughter was granted a 5 year protection order for her and her girls!!!! We are so very grateful for all your help! You have been very instrumental in our case against him!…”

Mary F Columbus, OH

“…I want to thank the agency for relieving of the distress I had by not knowing where my daughter was and how she was doing. I had not seen my daughter in over ten years and you gave me the opportunity to make contact seven days after I contacted your office. I appreciate the thorough job that was done and I thank you very much…”

J W Woodridge, IL

“…I spoke with Jay and he’s making arrangements to initiate surveillance on subject tomorrow and through the weekend if necessary. Defense counsel has advised we can submit evidence on Monday rather than Friday.
Thank you again and please relay my thanks for your quick action. I’m always impressed with your company’s service and look forward to our continued working relationship…”

TK Claims Supervisor – Liability

“…Hello, I am interested in contacting Agent S from again. He completed a search for my husband and me last November to find our missing daughter. He was successful in locating her in Lubbock, Tx and (…we have a new request). Thank you for your prompt reply, …”

MB Mission Viejo, CA